A space for authenticity, and a time for encountering the real thing.

Living Motif is the main shop in AXIS Design Center, a base for disseminating design. In a relaxing space of hospitality, it offers items that have been carefully selected with a discerning eye for genuine designs, cultivated over many years. The shop stretches across three levels and sells various items, including tables, kitchenware, toiletries, business items, and interior decorations. Displays with coordinated items help visitors to imagine actual lifestyles .

B1F, 1F, and 2F
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TEL+81 3 3587 2784
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1F: Experience "living with design" proposed by AXIS

Seasonal displays on this floor are a feast for the eyes. With new arrivals, seasonal products, and other familiar items, this floor is packed with tips to make your life more enjoyable and beautiful. Enjoy a relaxed shopping experience as if you were staying at home.

2F: Stimulates seasoned preferences for both business and private needs

Connected by a see-through elevator, the second floor is quiet and secluded from the busy city. Business goods, travel goods, and office furniture are available on this floor. The chic stationery makes a perfect gift as well.

B1F: Inspire your life with an enriching style

Furniture for comfortable living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms are coordinated in a way that is unique to Living Motif. Matching lighting and fabrics are also available.