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etranger di costarica is deemed as a game changer for Japanese stationery. This shop offers items that enrich everyday life, imported by etranger di costarica. Unique and well-designed items from Europe countries such as Italy, France, and Germany are available here.
In addition to imported items, it also offers original items that are user friendly with carefully selected colors and designs.

Business Hours
Sunday and irregular days once or twice a month
TEL0120 777 519
Official Website

About etranger di costarica

The company was named etranger di costarica, wishing to be a stranger (etranger) who travels around the world. It was founded in 1985 with the hope of introducing foreign cultures to Japan via stateless items that go beyond oceans, countries, and language barriers, transported from overseas ports (costa rica) to Japan's port (etranger).

Available Brands

Available brands include: etranger di costarica, the company's original stationery; Millefiori, an Italian home fragrance brand with the concept of AirDesign; blancreme, a body care brand developed in Cosmetic Valley, France; PEPIN PRESS, a Dutch publisher that offers high quality books and paper products; and RITZENHOFF, a representative glass manufacturer of Germany that has been producing glass products since the 18th century.