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JIDA In-House Subcommittee × AXIS Le Garage Co-hosted Special Event JIDA DESIGN CROSSTALK 2023 "Designing beyond Mobility - Mobility Design and Beyond"

JIDA In-House Subcommittee × AXIS Le Garage Co-hosted Special Event JIDA DESIGN CROSSTALK 2023

As an official program of WDO World Design Assembly Tokyo 2023, the special program "Designing beyond Mobility: Mobility Design Gong beyond" will be held at AXIS Gallery, co-sponsored by JIDA and Le Garage, which is directly managed by AXIS. Please come and join us.

"A Paradigm Shift in Mobility"
The automotive industry is in the midst of a once-in-a-century transformation. This once-in-a-century transformation is driven primarily by three factors: Electrification, automation, and connectivity. This evolution is fundamentally transforming our mobility experiences and shaping the future of transportation systems. 
As social inclusion and cooperation become increasingly important in our modern world, mobility design goes beyond simply designing means of transportation, and it is a key factor in sustainability, safety, efficiency, and users' needs. With the rapid development of digital technology and Internet services, our daily lives and workplaces have also changed dramatically. Now, technologies like ChatGPT and generative AI have become as commonplace and indispensable to our lives as Google search.

What is Design beyond Design?
Mobility, which supports the movement of people, is advancing as a field that will play a major role in the future of humanity. However, automobiles also face challenges such as environmental impact and safety issues. Therefore, in order to build a sustainable future, it is necessary to deeply explore the role of design from a new perspective. From the perspective of "Design beyond Design," the speakers have continued to research the future of mobility design and achieved results, focusing on factors such as sustainability, safety, accessibility.

In this crosstalk session, three top leaders from the automotive industry will share new insights and approaches toward sustainable mobility design. It will be an opportunity to explore the future of mobility that goes beyond the realm of design, touching on the impact of mobility on society and discussing the concept of "design beyond design." Companies considering making a social impact through design, please join us for this event. Let's collectively envision the future of design and create next-generation businesses together.

Event period Monday, Octobert 30, 2023
Time 16:00ー 20:00
Venue AXIS Gallery
Fee JIDA members: 4,400 yen / General: 6,600yen / JIDA student members: 2,200 yen /General students: 3,300 yen(Including tax and social event fee)
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Joint Sponsorship Japan Industrial Design Association/JIDA、Le Garage(AXIS)