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Where We Are: Yamaha Design Laboratory 60th Anniversary Exhibition

Where We Are: Yamaha Design Laboratory 60th Anniversary Exhibition

A special exhibition will be held at AXIS Gallery to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Yamaha Design Laboratory, the design department of Yamaha Corporation. In addition to product design development, Yamaha Design Laboratory has been conducting prototyping activities for many years to think about the richness of life in the future and question our own identity. They have deepened their design philosophy and solidified the identity of Yamaha design by producing prototypes using the unique ideas and interpretations of Yamaha designers for items that are not normally handled in product design, and spreading them widely to the world, and feeling reactions. 
This exhibition presents the footprints of their thoughts using actual prototypes and panel displays of the past 20 years. Moreover, the eleven newest works presented at Milan Design Week 2023 will be exhibited for the first time in Japan. Please do drop in! 
※This exhibition is part of DESIGNART Tokyo 2023.

Event period

Saturday, October 21 to Monday, Octobet 23

Time 10:00 ー 19:00  
Venue AXIS Gallery
Fee Free

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Where We Are: Where Yamaha Design is Now

For 60 years since the establishment of an organization dedicated to design in 1963, The organization--now known as the Yamaha Design Laboratory--has been working hard every day to develop the design of all products bearing the Yamaha logo. It is not easy to innovate while respecting the tradition and culture of musical instruments. In order to be loved by players, trusted by experts and technicians, and to shake the hearts of people around the world who love music, design needs to constantly evolve and be deepened. With this in mind, Yamaha Design Laboratory has been promoting its own research activities for many years, thinking about the richness of life in the future, and questioning its own identity. Through the exhibition of prototypes over the last 20 years, we will convey the activities that have given form to new concepts, questioning them, and spreading them. We truly hope this exhibit leaves you with a feeling for the essence of Yamaha Design, "its process of thinking about how to think."


"You Are Here" exhibition, from Milan Design Week 2023, will be held in Japan for the first time 

"You Are Here," Yamaha's exhibition from Milan Design Week 2023

Footprints of prototypes over the last 20 years (examples of exhibited works)

「Stepping Out of the Slate」(2022)

「A・round / Be・side / Re・mind」(2018)

Left: "Hairy Creature Speakers" (2016) Upper and lower right: "Resonated Yamaha" (2011)