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Time to Relax in a Calming Autumn Collection 2023

Time to Relax in a Calming Autumn Collection 2023

The trees gradually turn red and yellow this season.
In autumn, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer, so you want to calmly relax.

Add a touch of color to the elegant furniture.
After separating the space softly with an art-like partition,
let's relax in this excellent space.

NUURA Table lamp ∅23×H44cm ¥159,500、UTOPIA & UTILITY  Art object ∅17×H24.5cm ¥178,200、MALERIFABRIKKEN  Framed print W50×H70cm ¥13,750、GIOBAGNARA Console table W140×D45×H83cm ¥759,000、modern shapes editions  Room diveder W34×D28×H194cm ¥352,000 each、Vitra Lounge Chair  W74×D81×H109.5/SH40cm ¥726,000、kvadrat  Rug 180×240cm ¥347,371

&Tradition Portable table lamp  ∅16×H29.5cm ¥37,400 / Trolley W89.9×D41.9×H59.4cm ¥141,900、CASAgent Mug ∅10.5×H10cm ¥3,520、IZIPIZI Reading glasses ¥6,380、palomar City map 58×87cm ¥1,650

MASSPRODUCTIONS Round table ∅125×H72cm ¥468,600、CARL HANSEN & SØN Chair W57×D44.5×H76.5/SH45.5cm ¥114,400、Audo Copenhagen Table lamp ∅13.5×H24.5cm ¥58,300、URBAN NATURE CULTURE Vase ∅19×H31cm ¥7,920、chilewich Place mats 36×48cm ¥3,960、ALEXANDRE TURPAULT Napkin 45×45cm ¥4,840、ICHENDORF Tumbler ∅8×H8.5cm ¥1,870、NIKKO Soup bowl ∅22.7cm ¥3,630、Plate ∅25.6m ¥4,015、SERAX Dinner fork / knife/ spoon ¥3,300 each、AIR FRAME Rest ¥1,650

JOSEPHINE TESTA Pillow cover 50×50cm ¥20,900〜¥27,500(Pillow inserts ¥3,080 each)