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Nishiyama Yuki Exhibition

Nishiyama Yuki Exhibition
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Ms. Yuki Nishiyama continues to create works that emotionally reflect the change of the seasons on glass with all her heart while bathing in the natural environment of Hokkaido .The glassware that becomes the canvas is molded by itself by free-blowing.After that, in addition to sandblasting carving, I am working on an elaborate technique of drawing in detail with enamel. This exhibition will show new works of larger plates by Toyama Glass Studio with painting on them. Please feel free to stop by.

Photo: Rumiko Ito

 "Birds chirping, the smell of the soil, the hum of insects,
the warmth of the sunshine and the breeze,
my sensitivity is sharpened by putting myself into nature every day.
They permeate inside me much deeper than ever.

This time, I painted larger plates made at Toyama Glass Studio.
It was there I found a tension in the sense of unprecedented size,
and the energy generated by receiving assistance from others.
I hope you will see the result of my new challenge."

Yuki Nishiyama

Event period

Saturday, March 30 to Sunday, April 7

Time 11:00 ー 18:00
Closed Wednesdays
Venue courage de vivre

*All works will be sold by lottery.
 For more details, please see below.